As I write we are still suffering the extreme wet weather conditions that have made history this year.  I do hope that by the time you read this things will have changed, spring will be on its way and we can all look forward to some sunshine.

Dates for your diary this year are:  Event Days: May 4th, (Morris Dancers and Beer Tent), July 13th (Country Crafts with possible Local Art Exhibition) and September 7th (Music – Copper Family Singers and other musical attractions).  Times: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Open Afternoons will be on April 6th, June 1st, August 3rd and October 5th, 2 – 5p.m.  More information as further attractions are booked.  Do come and support us to help us raise the necessary funds to continue essential work on the mill.

Maintenance and Restoration:  work continues to achieve the production of flour but there is still a problem with the engagement of the teeth between the Brake Wheel and the Stone Nut which prevents running at high speeds.  This fault needs to be rectified before flour can be produced in quantity.  However, good quality flour is being produced even at low milling speeds.  The Milling Team has found that the mill can be run in higher wind speeds than expected.  Stuart Meier has produced some novel low cost instrumentation to record many of the milling variables and this is proving most valuable.  The Automatic Weather System is working well apart from intermittent signal problems.  This is due primarily to the fact that the system is very low cost and uses components designed for domestic rather than industrial use.  However, the principles have been well-proven with this prototype.

Have you recently retired, or are you approaching retirement?  Wondering what you will do with your time?  Why not think about joining the mill volunteers?  You may have the skills needed for the important restoration and maintenance work carried out at the mill, i.e carpentry, metal work, painting, general DIY or, if you come from a job where your practical skills have not been developed you may want to learn some skills and our volunteers will be pleased to teach you.  Volunteers meet every Thursday at the mill and Chairman Professor Fred Maillardet will be pleased to provide further details if you care to contact him on  01273 842342 or at

We also need volunteers to help on Event Days (this may be on stalls, giving guided tours, serving refreshments etc.), also to contribute to our publicity drives and to support our fund-raising activities   (fresh ideas re fundraising always welcome!).  Again, Fred Maillardet will be very pleased to hear from anyone who feels they could contribute in any way.

100 Club:  Results for January are: no. 48 Mr D Bishop, no. 61 Mr J Morley, no. 69 Mr S W Berry and no. 116  Mr P Reeve.  Congratulations, you should be now have received your cheques.

George Rankin