Remaining Event Days this year will be on July 13th (Country Crafts, Hagop Kasparian exhibition of Local Art) and September 7th (Copper Family Singers and other musical attractions).  11 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Open Afternoons will be on June 1st, August 3rd and October 5th, 2 – 5p.m.  More information as further attractions are booked.  Do come and support us to help us raise the £5,000 needed every year to maintain and insure the mill.  Donations at these events are greatly appreciated – we suggest £3 per person or £5 per family.

We still urgently need Volunteers to help on Event Days (this may be on stalls, giving guided tours, serving refreshments etc.), also more committee members to contribute to our publicity drives and to support our fund-raising activities.  Fred Maillardet, will be very pleased to hear from anyone who feels they could contribute in any way. Tel: 01273 842342.