The Trustees and Volunteers at Oldland Mill would like to wish all Talk About readers, and especially our supporters, a rather belated happy and healthy New Year.  We look forward to seeing you at the mill in 2015 which we know is going to be another very successful year.  But can we top winning the English Heritage Angel Award?  Oldland Mill is the first windmill to be honoured with an Angel Award. In the words of Andrew Lloyd Webber, this pays tribute to the “army of volunteers” over many generations who worked on the mill.  Perhaps some readers will remember this windmill was a picturesque wreck on the edge of collapse in 1980 when enthusiasts decided they had to save it for the nation.  Now, it is one of the most beautiful such buildings in South East England, with the finest of views of Sussex and the South Downs National Park.  All this would have been lost if local volunteers had not worked so hard for so long to save it. It is a working windmill, grinding flour regularly, and we hope to be selling our wholemeal stoneground flour at the mill next year.”