Thank You Simon


Simon created our original website back in 2002.  This is him on the right.  Simon, was made the first Honorary Member of Oldland Mill Trust (now referred to as companions) in recognition of his early work on the website. Until last year he continued to manage the site for us, acting as the Webmaster and inserting the information fed to him by George Rankin, our Publicity Officer, and regularly updating the diary, etc. Oldland Mill Trust owe Simon a very great debt of gratitude for this ‘behind the scenes’ activity which has run very smoothly. Visitors from as far afield as Australia have been attracted to visit Oldland Mill by the website ! Thank you Simon for your support and encouragement particularly in the early days when Oldland Mill Trust was being established and finding its feet.

Simon creates websites for other organisations as well as being actively involved with Jill Windmill since 1978. Should you wish to explore possibilities, Simon can be contacted via the e-mail address below:


Fred Maillardet  Chairman, Oldland Mill Trust.