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100 Club

We invite you to join the Oldland Mill Trust "100 Club" for its fourth year, run under the Gambling Act of 2005 with a licence from Mid Sussex District Council.

For an annual contribution of £12 reducing by £1 for each draw missed, there will be a monthly prize of £12 for each 25 subscribers, increasing to two of £12 at 50 subscribers, three at 75 subscribers and 4 at 100 subscribers. If we exceed 100 subscribers the number of prizes will increase on the same scale.

The first draw was on Thursday 5th July 2012. Future draws will be on the first Thursday of each month, at Oldland Mill in the presence of volunteers. Payment will be by a cheque handed to the winning member or posted to the address given for correspondence. The results will be published on the website, at the Mill and in the Newsletter.


Entry forms are available in two formats, please click below
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"100" Club Monthly draw winners
*It's never too late to join !
43Mrs J Perkins5/7/12£ 12
58Mrs L J McKenzie5/7/12£ 12
17Mrs L Fitter2/8/12£ 12
65Mr & Mrs M Barton2/8/12£ 12
82Mr B Loncrini2/8/12£ 12
33Mr P Higgs7/9/12£ 12
43Mrs J Perkins7/9/12£ 12
48Mr D Kenward7/9/12£ 12
29Mrs M Jarmann4/10/12£ 12
33Mr P Higgs4/10/12£ 12
59Mrs J Bell4/10/12£ 12
6Mrs J Thomas1/11/12£ 12
16Mrs S.A.Lambert1/11/12£ 12
75Mr. S Arnold 1/11/12£ 12
61Mr & Mrs Baldwin5/12/12£ 12
52Mrs Langridge5/12/12£ 12
68Mr Dudman5/12/12£ 12
42Mr D F Pearce3/1/13£ 12
61Mr & Mrs A Baldwin3/1/13£ 12
64Mr C Lambert3/1/13£ 12
4Mr D C Bishop7/2/13£ 12
16Mrs S A Lambert7/2/13£ 12
30Miss S M Siems7/2/13£ 12
27Mrs O Alexander7/3/13£ 12
42Don Pearce7/3/13£ 12
93Stuart Meier7/3/13£ 12
25Mr B J Green4/4/13£ 12
75Mr. S Arnold4/4/13£ 12
92Mr S Meier4/4/13£ 12
16Mrs S A Lambert2/5/13£ 12
29Mrs M Jarmann2/5/13£ 12
38Mr & Mrs J Lowe2/5/13£ 12

Please click here for a Membership Form or to make a donation

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